About ARS


Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Ashley is a portraiture artist who works primarily in acrylic and watercolor. A lifelong creative, Ashley focused on her journey as a painter at the age of 22. She weaves together complexity and simplicity with colorful and balanced brushstrokes. Hints of white, black, and red highlight every aspect of the human face with a compelling emotion and story that not only come from the model, but the artist herself. Peace and joy intermingle with a spectrum of emotions, almost overshadowing the hope hidden in the larger message of the artwork. Ashley hopes to spread her positive message across the galleries and museums of the world.

Along her journey, as she grew into her own niche and talent, Ashley realized there was a need for young creatives of African-descent to have a platform for their work. In January 2015, Ashley created the Young Black Artists (YBA) movement, a social media platform that promotes visual art, writing, poetry and more. With artists primarily from the U.S., the U.K., and Africa, YBA has become more than a place for creatives to show off their talents, but a community of artists who share their experiences and support one another.


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email: art@ashleyrsmith.com

instagram: @arswithlove